Congratulation on creating your #paid account 🎉. You're one step closer to working with world-class brands like Coca-cola, Canon, and Toyota. 

The next step is to verify your Social Media Account(s) to let us know you're you. As funny as that sounds, this is a simple--yet important-- step to becoming eligible for campaign opportunities. Verifying your account also helps brands gain a better understanding of your personal style and the type of content you post. 

Verify your account in 6 steps:

  1. Log into your #paid account

2. Click settings (top-right) followed by Social Accounts and Rates 

3. Scroll down to the Social Media accounts you'd like to verify
We'll be using Instagram in this example

4. Click the underlined text "verify your account"
A popup will appear with your verification code

5. Enter the verification code displayed on your screen into your Instagram Bio
Note: The verification codes are case sensitive. Please enter the code exactly as listed to prevent errors

6. Go back to #paid and click "verify" 

Congratulations! You've successfully verified your Social Media account 🙌

Note: You do not have to verify all of your social media accounts; just the ones you currently use and are active on.

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