Before setting your categories and tags...
Please make sure that you've verified your social media account(s)

What are Categories and Tags?
are key words that describe your personal brand and style. While there is no limit to the number of categories you can select, try your best to select 3 categories that best represent you.

For example, most of your posts may be about Fashion & Style (👗👕) but you also consider yourself a Travel (✈️) and Food & Drink enthusiast (🌮).

can be any additional category you identify with that isn't listed. They can also be skills and/or experiences you have. 

Examples include (but are not limited to): DIY, Blog, Recipe, Unboxing, Skincare, Tech, Vegan, Streetwear, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro.

Why is setting my categories and Tags important?
Setting categories and tags help our creator specialist team gain a better understanding of your personal style and the type of content you post. This is useful when putting together rosters that have specific campaign requirements.

How do I set my Categories and Tags?
Simple! Log in to your #paid account and click on settings (top-right corner) followed by Categories and Tags. Once you're happy with your Categories and Tags, scroll to the bottom and click save.


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