#paid connects creators with brands to create authentic, professional, and inspiring content. As a creator, we believe that your time should be spent creating content and engaging with your audience, not hunting for collaborations and reaching out to dozens of brands each week. That's why at #paid, we bring collaborations to you.

Everything starts with a brand signing up and creating a project on the #paid platform. When they do that, they tell us about which types of creators they want to work with, what type of content they're after, and what their budget is. We then identify creators on the platform that appear to be a good fit. If you're in that group, we'll let you know and walk you through how to apply.

If your application is chosen, you'll then start collaborating with the brand directly on the #paid platform. You'll create content for them and get paid based on the rate that you set on your profile and in your application.

There are more details in the video below:

How does #paid work?

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