Where are the creators on #paid located?

Creators on the #paid platform, we call #ThePaidCrew, call over 100 countries around the world home. Many of our creators reside in North America or Europe. You can see where specific creators reside by looking on their profile. 

How are the recommended creators put together?

Our recommendation engine will generate a creator list based on your specific campaign details. The list is then reviewed by our in-house talent managers to ensure perfection, before being sent back to you for approval.

What makes a good matching creator?

Choosing the right creator is an important decision; you should take several factors into consideration when evaluating them.

  • First off is the overall audience of the creators you partner with, it’s important to ensure your ideal target market and their audiences match.

  • Next you should consider whether the creators’ feeds align with the type of product or service you’re promoting, one of the keys to a strong performing creator media marketing program is whether your brand can seamlessly fit into their feed.

  • Another important point is the creators’ affinity towards your brand, when people believe in the things they create, content is much more impactful and resonate much more effectively.

Ultimately, you’ll measure each collaboration on a CPE basis (Cost per Engagement) as it represents the average cost of every engagement (likes, comments, views, shares, etc.) an creator gets.

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