In this lesson you will learn:

  • What is an Organic Post and Whitelisted Ad

  • The difference between the two and when to use each

Organic Posts
Organic posts are when Creators who are contracted on your campaign create content (stories, photos, videos, or carousels) and share it with their followers. The performance of the post is dependant on how Instagram’s algorithms rank the post. #paid has demographic data for our creator network built directly into the platform.

Note: The best performing content from organic posts (i.e. content that best delivers against your key KPI’s) is typically used for the whitelisted portion of your campaign. However, some brands choose to hand-select content they want to use for whitelisting.

Whitelisted Ads
Whitelisted ads are a better performing paid-social ad, which leverage the creator's likeness (their @handle) and the content they created in the organic portion of your campaign. From the 100’s of campaigns powered via #paid, we see whitelist ads outperform typical paid-social by 3-5x. 

Note: When building a campaign on #paid, our platform automatically recommends the optimal budget split between Organic posts & Whitelisted ads based on your campaign objective.

Example of a Whitelisted Ad:

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