In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to choose the right creator following size for your campaign

  • The value of each creator following size and when to use each

Small creators (5k - 25k followers) are ideal for hyper-local activations where you are looking to reach a highly targeted and localized audience. Given the more limited audience these creators have, you might need to work with more at once to achieve a larger scale. An advantage to small creators is they often have a deeper 1:1 connection with their followers; they have the ability to reply to more comments and messages, which strengthens the relationship they have with the tight-knit audience they’ve cultivated. The quality of content can vary.

Medium creators (25k - 100k followers) are ideal for moderately sized campaigns as they provide you with a strong reach at a fair price. Similar to small creators, they have a strong 1:1 connection with their followers and often over-index with localized audiences. The quality of content is typically high quality.

Large creators (100k+ followers) are ideal for larger campaigns with larger budgets. These creators are often working with a number of brands, and as such, might need more lead time to schedule your campaign. Large creators are often perceived as micro-celebrities and as such, hold a strong influence with the audience they’ve cultivated. Due to their prominence, they may be less flexible with custom requests from brands. They also have less of a 1:1 relationship with their followers (due to the difficulty of managing 1:1 relationship as a large scale). The quality of content is typically high quality. 

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