In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to choose the right content format for your campaign

  • Value and use of each content format

  • Understand how each content format aligns with your campaign objective and strategy

Photos are the most widely captured content format with Creators. Photos are ideal for programs that are looking to generate strong awareness and consideration. Additionally, the photo format is ideal to be re-used across other channels (ie. your own social channels, website, etc.). 

Videos are an excellent content format to drive strong consideration with consumers. Video allows Creators to tell a highly engaging story about your brand, product, or service. Video is often the most expensive content format due to the higher level of effort and production required to produce high-quality content. The content creation turnaround time may also be longer than photos or stories.

Stories are great for telling light, engaging, and relatable stories through a series of multiple story frames. The story content format is ideal for driving clicks or acquisition (leveraging the “swipe up” feature which drives consumers to a specific destination). Stories perform well for live events and when brands need to launch a campaign against a quick timeline. Stories are often the most cost-effective format.

Carousels combine characteristics from the photo and story formats. They are excellent for driving strong consideration with consumers, and due to the multi-frame nature of this format, Creators have the space to tell a deeper story than a standalone photo. Carousels are often more expensive than photos or stories. And while brands receive more pieces of content, you would only see one set of performance metrics for the format as it lives as a single post on Instagram.

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