In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to add a Guest or Team Member to your campaign

  • Difference between Guest and Team Member access

You can add a Guests or Team Members to any campaign in your dashboard. Guests will only see campaigns that you, or members of your team have invited them to. Team Members will see everything you see and will have the same permissions as you. 

Guests have full access to all views of a campaign (Creators, Content, Whitelisting, Inbox, Reports, and Content Library) however, you can control whether the Guest has “view only” or “edit” permissions. Guest will not receive any email notifications from the platform.

Note: “Edit” permission allows a Guest to select and communicate with hand raised creators, approve and provide feedback on content submitted by creators, and view all campaign analytics.

Team Members have full access to view and edit any campaigns under the organization. Team members will receive notifications from the platform. 

To add a Guest to your campaign, please view the video below:

To add a Team Member to your campaign, please view the video below: 

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