Brands on the Grow Plan have social rights to all of the content produced on their program for up to 1-year. This means they can repost the creators' content on any of their owned and operated social channels (including: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat. TikTok, etc.). 

When repurposing content, here are some best-practices:

  1. Always tag the creator in the caption or on the post! Doing so adds a lot of credibility to your brand through the association with the creator who has a deep connection with your audience. Plus, it's important to credit the creator for the awesome content they created for your brand!

  2. Keep the content true to what the creator posted on their feed! It's important when reposting content that you don't edit the content—that means, no added logos, filters, or cropping the image.

  3. Invite your Social Media Manager to your #paid account! All the content created on your campaigns lives in the Content Library on the #paid platform. Simply invite your co-worker to the account, click Content Library, and download the content you want to use on your social channels. For more details on inviting someone to your #paid account, click right here.
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