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  • Best practices for shipping product to creators

If your program includes content that showcases your product, you will most likely need to ship product directly to creators on your campaign. 📦

Best practices on sending packages to creators: 

  1. Always include tracking numbers when shipping - this will keep both parties accountable for an arrival date.  

  2. Ensure the delivery address includes a phone number incase the courier needs to reach the creator for drop-off.

  3. Keep note of what you send to each creator - you might want to reuse this creator in your 2nd or 3rd program with the same products. 

✨ Pro Tip: Include a hand-written note and/or beautiful packaging when sending product to creators. This ads a personal touch and helps creators fall in love with your brand. Plus, creators might organically share their "unboxing" experience on their Instagram story.

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