Now that you've created your campaign on #paid, you'll need to fill in the brief details to set up for a successful program. 

You can go back and edit the brief at any time before clicking "Start Collaborating" in the creator tab. After you've clicked "Start Collaborating" and locked in your creators, please do not make any changes.

✍️Here are some tips on filling out a great brief:

  • Firstly, when filling in the brief details tab, always keep in mind your creators will be contracted based on this information. 
  • Always be as detailed as possible.

In the first two sections, 'Describe your brand for creators', and 'Describe your campaign for creators':

  • Be sure to position your brand and your campaign in the way you want the creators to relay this to their audience. 
  • Describe the campaign differently than how you'd describe the brand. For example, if you're running this campaign on another marketing channel, describe the campaign attributes here.

In the later sections, 'Content Mandatories', 'Caption Guidelines', and 'Do's & Dont's':

  • Be detailed! If there are specific aesthetic nuances that you prefer, note them here. 
  • Break out the subject matter by content type. 📸🎥 (ie. if your content includes photos & stories, be sure to include what you require in both types of content)
  • Include key messaging points about the brand or product in this section (ie. if you're a fragrance company, include the perfume notes and scents you want the creators to talk about) 
  • Be sure to include mentions and hashtags that need to be included in captions or stories 

Once you've filled out your brief in detail, be sure to hit 'Save'. 

✨That's it, you've created your brief! 


What does a great brief look like?

See an example brief to get a better idea

Here's where to fill out your brief in the #paid platform

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