Now that you've created your campaign, and have a great list of handraised creators to choose from, it's time to build out the perfect roster of creators for your campaign.✨ 

When choosing creators for your campaign, here are a few key points to keep in mind so you can have a super successful campaign: 

  1. Focus on 1-2 variables that are most important for your campaign.There are multiple variables to balance when evaluating a creator, some of these can include: Engagement Rate %, Followers, Audience Demographic, Look & Feel of their feed, Category, and more. It's hard to get them all right. Best practice is to choose 1-2 variables that are most important to your brand and use those to drive how you choose creators for your campaign.
  2. Don't forget your campaign timeline. You don't want to pack too many posts on to each creator if you have a short timeline. This would over-saturate their feed with posts from your brand and can harm performance. Best practice is having each creator post 1-2 times per week. With that said, you can establish posting dates & timelines that work best for your brand.
  3. Creators tell your brand story most effectively through a series of posts. Best practice is to have each creator post 2 or more pieces of content (ex. 2 IG Stories + 1 In-feed post). A series of posts, as opposed to one,  empowers creators to tell your brand story in a way that strongly resonates with their audience.  
  4. Authenticity drives successful campaigns. Each creator will share a custom message highlighting why they think your campaign is a great fit for their audience. They'll often also include a creative strategy for the content they'll create for your campaign. Make sure to read these in-depth and use them to choose creators who are the most authentic fit for your brand. 

Remember, creators know what your audience will love—they connect with them all day, everyday—listen to their ideas to deliver the most engaging, creative, and successful campaigns to hit your objectives.

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