In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to choose creators for your campaign

  • Important information to consider when choosing the right creators to work with

Now that you've created your campaign, and have your list of creators to choose from, it's time to build out the perfect roster for your campaign.✨ 

🔑 Here are a few key tips:

1. Choose the right amount of deliverables. Within your budget you'll want to make sure you build a strong set of deliverables to test with. We recommend making sure to hit off on multiple content types (stories and posts) and leveraging at least 2+ creators.

2. Authenticity drives successful campaigns. Each creator will share a custom message highlighting why they think your campaign is a great fit for their audience. They'll often also include a creative strategy for the content they'll create for your campaign. Make sure to read these Handraise messages and use them to choose creators who are the most authentic fit for your brand.

Creators know what their audience will love—they connect with them on a daily basis—so often their ideas deliver the most engaging creative, leading to the most successful campaigns.

3. Always keep your campaign objective top of mind. For example, you might be heavily focused on the whitelisting portion of this campaign, in this case choose creators who's content will resonate with their organic audience and your desired market who you will target with ads later.

4. Always factor in your campaign timeline. You don't want to pack too many posts on to each creator if you have a short timeline. This would over-saturate their feed with posts from your brand and can harm performance.

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