When starting your campaign, one of the first things you'll need to do is develop your creator brief. The creator brief is used to give creators an overview of all your campaign requirements and ultimately becomes part of your contract together. An effective creator brief includes all the details necessary for them to effectively produce posts for your program and be a successful partner to your brand. It can be hard to hold creators to any requirements that aren't captured in your brief, so making sure it is comprehensive is a must. See below for an example!

Campaign Name

Jewels Jewelry - Fall Program #IntentionSetter

Describe your brand for creators

We create meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry and accessories to positively empower and connect humanity. We are a brand focused on cultivating meaningful relationships through our symbolic and intention-based designs. Our mission is to empower every individual who wears our product and help guide them on their journey of self-discovery. We share a passion for the well-being of our planet, our communities, & our individual paths. Our products are made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials and and proudly designed & crafted in our factory in New York, USA.

Describe your campaign for creators

Every symbol has meaning. Set your intention and layer on pieces that give you guidance and help manifest what’s meant for you. #IntentSetter.

An #IntentSetter is a someone who shares in our vision to inspire, empower and connect humanity. Intention setters are real women with real stories who are open to sharing their journey of self-discovery. Creating trust within our communities is the most precious commodity.

Our goal is to create an authentic space to capture the story behind your yourself tying your journey of self-discovery to an intention that resonates closest to you. i.e., every morning I set an intention to put love out into the universe, so I wear product "xyz" to help me stay mindful of my journey.

The product should be authentically woven into your content. We admire your creativity and defer to the content creator as they know their audience best and what content is the most successful. We do ask that there is close ups of the product so it is obvious that there was a partnership with a jewelry brand but also doesn't feel like forced marketing. 

Campaign Requirements

  • You would need to create 1 photo to submit for approval for posting to your Instagram feed. This will need to be submitted to me on July 24th.

  • You would need to create 1 story (with 3 segments). For this, we will need you to submit a concept to us describing what you plan to do in each segment. This concept will need to be submitted to me on July 24th.

Content Mandatories


  • Photos should focus on one main piece but can include layering and styling pieces as well.

  • Product should all be worn on yourself.

  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN with the shots! The direction of these images should embrace your personal style and creative vision. 

  • Showcase the symbols that speak to you, how they manifest your own inner strength, and why you are a #IntentSetter.


  • Telling an authentic story that you connect to through setting your intention, with Jewels Jewelry.

  • Speak to how to shop by intention.

  • Make sure you use the "swipe-up" feature in order to link our to our product page

Caption Guidelines

Key Messaging

  • Incorporate the storytelling & emotions into captions.

  • Speak authentically to your audience.

  • Make sure to mention which piece you are wearing

Required tags and #s

  • #IntentSetter

  • @jewelsjewelry

Required CTA

  • Check out the link in my bio / Swipe up on IG Stories (we will provide trackable links)


  • You would need to use one of the following  for disclosure: #paid, #sponsored, #ad **If you have the partner tagging tool, ensure you tag the brand in your post as the partner for legal disclosure.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Use natural lighting

  • Explore the outdoors and use your home/space/studio as a location. 

  • Capture a range of crops; tight for product detail, portrait, and full body.

  • Pull clothing from your own closet.

  • Make sure hands/nails are clean and pretty.


  • Use identifiable clothing labels or brands. No logos. 

  • Mix our product with other jewelry brands.

  • Worry about perfection, the goal of this campaign is to show the raw, authentic moments on your journey to self discovery.

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