Your campaign work-back schedule 

On any given campaign, you'll follow a work-back schedule which highlights the key campaign touch points & important dates to remember. 

Here's what a typical work-back schedule looks like:

What factors can impact my campaign timeline?

  • Timezones: keep in mind, #paid HQ is in EST. So we'll need to factor in your timezone as a variable to the program's WBS.
  • Specific creator requirements: depending on your handraise requirements, there may be more time needed between steps in the process.
  • Shipping: we recommend shipping product directly to creators with priority shipping to save time. See all of our shipping tips here.
  • Content Creation & Approval: content creation is dependant on the deliverables you've set for the campaign–this will affect the timeline. Respectively, review and approval is contingent on when content is delivered and when your team completes the approval process.
  • Creator Whitelisting: We recommend that posts go live organically before we whitelist them through creator handle. Also, depending on your goal, we'll need to ensure all of the steps on the checklist are complete before we can go live.📝

Always keep the above in mind when executing your campaign on #paid! 

Note: For more complex campaigns, the work-back schedule can be tailored appropriately.

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