In the lesson you will learn:

  • What is a Facebook pixel

  • When to use a Facebook pixel

  • How to share your brand's website activities to target their audiences better

What is a Pixel?

The Facebook pixel is used to receive signals across online channels such as website activities to help you understand how people are interacting with your product/service. 

When do you use a Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel has the power to provide you with vital information that you can use to create better Facebook ads, as well as offering you the opportunity to target your audience more relevantly and accurately. By allowing the pixel to track the actions that are taken on your website after entering through a Facebook ad. Optimize your ads to reach consumers who are more likely to take the action you are intending.  

How to share a Pixel with a partner?

  1. Go to your Business Manager

  2. Click on your Business Settings > Data sources > Pixels

  3. Click Assign Partner to share your Facebook pixel with an advertising partner or agency Choose the following role in the drop down menu:  Pixel analyst (can view the pixel)When you give a business access, you can decide on the roles that are available to them. Similarly, when a business gives you access, they'll choose the roles that are available and unavailable to your businessYou will need the partner to give you their business ID, which can be found under the info tab of the agency's Business Manager settings

  4. Click Assign Ad Accounts to share your pixel with individual accounts, select the accounts and click Save Changes

You've now updated permissions to your Facebook pixel 👏.

Pro Tip: When you share your pixel with someone, they'll be able to see all your pixel info in their Ads Manager.

How to stop sharing your Pixel 

  1. Go to your Business Manager > Settings

  2. Click Pixels

  3. Under Assigned Ad Accounts or Assigned Partners, click X next to the account or business you want to stop sharing with 

  4. Click Remove Ad Account or Remove Partner

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