In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to select content that will deliver the highest impact on your campaign objectives

  • Best practices to consider when selecting content for Creator Licensing

Why use Creator Licensing? 

Creator Licensing combines the effects of your Facebook Ads Manager and Creator Media. With their permission, #paid runs ads through your campaigns creator handles—making the post more authentic in your audiences Instagram or Facebook feed. Creator content is then leveraged from your campaign (both branded and organic) to target specific users and track performance. 

Best practices when selecting content for Creator Licensing

Content Formats 

Always choose a variety of content formats (if available). This will allow you to test which formats perform best for your objective.

Note: available content formats are static photos, carousels, stories, and videos

Leverage Video Content

Leveraging video content allows you to collect valuable data on your target market. Later, use this data to inform and optimize your down funnel marketing efforts towards a more qualified audience.

Make sure your video content performs well by...

  • Choosing videos that are clean and straightforward (30 seconds or under are ideal)

  • Requesting subtitles if there is dialogue

  • Making sure your brand is featured in the first 3 seconds of the ad

Branded vs Non-Brand Content

Choosing both branded and non-branded content will allow you to test what imagery your target audience is most receptive to. However, if your brand is more focused on selling a product, ads with the brand showcased as a hero tend to perform best. 

Creator Captions

Always give creators authority over how they speak to their audience. Any input into captions should be to ensure creators gets story and messaging correct. 

Optimize the caption by...

  • Shortening the caption (especially for CPA objectives)

  • Making sure the brand is mentioned within the first sentence

  • Using keywords specific to your brand’s messaging

Optimize for whats working

After running your ads and collected relevant performance variables, inform your brands' future content and creator strategies.

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