In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to prepare for our strategic kick off call together

  • Important things to consider to ensure we're set up for success together

When preparing for the Kick Off Call, ensure you know your brands' answers to the following prompts:

1. Key Metric of Success

What is your Key Metric of Success?  This will help determine what creators to use for a campaign and what style of content to create.

2. Brand Guidelines

Does your brand have particular guidelines that must be uniform across all content? 

a. Photography rules - ex: required angles, lighting, aspect ratio, colours
b. Overall content look - ex: is imagery modern/bright or rustic/dark?
c. Backgrounds/Settings - ex: can content be shot outside, in a park, inside? Is greenery allowed?
d. Accessories - ex: if its a beverage product, should it be served in a mason jar or a glass?
e. Legal watch-outs - ex: alcohol, kids under 8 cannot be included

3. Ideal Creators

Come with a minimum of 2-3 profiles of creators who embody exactly who you want to work with.

4. Moodboard

Prepare sample imagery/videos to inspire the creators and let them know exactly what you are/are not looking for. These can be sourced from past digital and social campaigns or general inspiration content that conveys the theme of your brand.

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