In this lesson you will learn:

  • Best practices when running a creator campaign with automotive

  • How to properly contract creators for automative campaigns

  • Considerations for automotive creator content

Your latest vehicle model just launched for the 2020 season and you're super excited to highlight all its new features in your upcoming marketing campaign with #paid. With thousands of amazing Creators available on their platform, you already know you'll be getting incredible content to showcase that shiny new model.

#paid has your back with some best practices for automotive campaigns to ensure your campaign drives off to a successful launch! 

Vehicle insurance 

We strongly recommend that you arrange and discuss the automotive insurance that is required prior to contracting the Creators. This will ensure there are no unexpected delays once the campaign launches. There are many aspects to consider such as the type of insurance, the various coverage options, the required documents you'll need from the Creators and so forth. Although #paid does not directly arrange vehicle insurance on our end, we're more than happy to assist during the process and provide our expertise!

Vehicle delivery / pick-up

Ensuring the vehicles are delivered in a timely manner is another key to a successful campaign. Typically, brands often facilitate delivery through one of the following options:

  1. Arranging promo vehicles to be delivered directly to the Creator

  2. Liaising with local dealerships and having the Creator pick-up the vehicle at the nearest location

This process can be complex as it can involve many Creators in multiple geographic locations, especially if the campaign is nationwide. Preparation here is key as the dealerships, vehicle transporters and Creators all require considerable notice in advance in order to coordinate. #paid will put together a Vehicle Delivery Schedule in collaboration with all parties involved to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Once the vehicles are delivered to the Creator, get ready to see some incredible content!

Content guidelines

When it comes to featuring vehicles in your content, there are certain regulations and requirements to consider in order to comply with the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations. The following should be omitted from the content to ensure your content is abiding by all standards:

  • Food or drink in car, cup holder

  • Cellular phone, iPods or other electronic devices

  • Business signage, traffic signage e.g. street signs - if in the shot, they need to be out of focus or retouched or usable in English and French

  •  Other cars in the background, especially if they aren’t your brand's vehicles 

  • Be wary of shots that include flags. Please try to avoid them.

  • Logos on clothing (includes bags, hats, shoes, gear, etc)

  • No alcohol or tobacco

  • Avoid anything with steam, smoke or shadows 

As well, we recommend including the following Safety guidelines in the Creator Brief as a best practice: 

  • If car is in motion, please ensure the car is not blurred, and ensure that you are abiding by the rules of the road

  • Driver(s) / passenger(s) must be properly wearing a seatbelt

  • All head restraints must be set at the proper height for the driver and each passenger in the vehicle

  • Do not show dangerous driving -The driver's hand position on the steering wheel must be no higher than “9” and “3,” corresponding to the numbers on a clock face, driver not distracted (i.e. playing with display audio while driving), always use proper turn signals, drive at the posted speed limit, etc. 


Since the Creators will only have the vehicle for a limited time, reshoots are often not possible due to the logistics of rearranging pick-up and delivery. We typically require as a best practice that for every piece of content the Creator is contracted for, they must submit at least four additional options to mitigate the chance of a reshoot. This will ensure you have a lot of incredible content to choose from to launch your campaign! 

Vroom, Vroom!

Now that you've noted all the best practices for your next automotive campaign, you're all ready to speed onto the highway of success with your latest #paid campaign!

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