You've scored your first collaboration on #paid with your dream brand and you've already come up with some amazing story concepts. Since it's your first collaboration, you're not exactly sure where to upload your Story concepts. 

What is a Story Concept?

A Story concept is an in-depth description of what you will be featuring throughout your Story. We ask you to provide a detailed description for each individual segment. This will provide the brand with good insights into what they can expect when your Stories go live! 

Story Concept Submission 

Once you've accepted your collaboration request, you will see all the tasks you have been contracted for on the left-hand side of your screen. Depending on how many Stories are in your tasks, you will see a few boxes indicating your Story deliverable(s). If you click the individual task, it will lead you to a page with a blank space labeled "Story Concepts" that is waiting for all your creative ideas!

Story Concept Format

You can now go ahead and submit your Story Concepts. Please note that each Story contains 3 to 5 segments and a detailed concept is required for each segment outlining what you'll be featuring in each segment, as well as any text, overlays, or emojis you will be including. Please submit your Story concept in the following format:

Story 1
Segment 1:
Segment 2:
Segment 3:
Segment 4:

When submitting your Story concept, please ensure to include all the necessary account tags, hashtags, disclosures, swipe-ups, and Call to Actions as indicated under the Story requirements in the Creator Brief. 

Pro Tip: "Save Changes"

Once you have written your Story Concept in the provided space, please make sure to click "Save Changes" to ensure your concepts are saved on our platform!

Story Concept Approval

Your story concept will be put forward to the brand for review. Please hold off on posting as revisions and edits may be requested. Once the brand provides approval, you will see the status of the task change from pending to approved. At this point, you're all set to shoot based on your concept. 

Story Posting Date

You are not required to submit the actual Story Content for approval unless otherwise indicated by the brand. However, please do not post your Stories until a posting date has been determined. Once a Posting Date has been set, you're all ready to post.

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