In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to set up a successful travel campaign

  • Best practices when running a creator campaign that requires travel

Social campaigns where travel is weaved into the execution process vary from your typical campaigns you may have ran in the past! 

To ensure your marketing objectives and in market timelines for your next travel campaign are being met, make sure to consider the following components prior to launching your campaign with the #paid team: 

Extended Timelines

Be sure to work through realistic timelines and extend them where necessary.

With the additional layers of creator requirements present in a travel program (ie; travel availability, access to correct documentation etc), the #paid will need to allocate more time when building the perfect roster and to further vet creators to ensure they meet all the requirements to participate.

Pro Tip:  Timelines will also need to be extended if key touch points like roster and content approvals are going through your client / third party participants. Add an additional 2-3 weeks into your work back schedules to stay realistic. 


Staying realistic with your program budgets are key! 

It is important to always include a separate travel budget (outside of creator/content fees) to account for a plus one/photographer for each creator contracted! This will ensure that the caliber of content being created is of the highest quality with the creators themselves featured within the shots of the locations visited! This extra budget should also be inclusive of flights, hotels and all other travel related expenses on top of their content rates. 


Make the most of your investment! 

Map each day out by the hour and pack the daily schedules with relevant content opportunities, experiences and gram-worthy moments that will create the perfect opportunities for the creators to show off your brand. 

Getting an itinerary ahead of time is also very useful for packing purposes, as well as to allow the influencer time to research and plan the kind of content they would like to generate for their channels. 

Travel Representative

Travelling with a brand rep is always a great way to ensure that there is always a main point of contact for the influencers to turn to with any questions during the time of their trip! In situations where you are within different time zones, it may be necessary to have a brand rep to assist with any immediate inquiries. 

Weekly Cadence With Your Execution Team  

Set up time with your execution team to get on a call on a weekly basis to ensure that all updates, questions & concerns related to all the moving parts of the campaign are quickly addressed and actioned! 

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