How to Connect your Facebook Account in #paid

STEP 1: Log into your #paid account

STEP 2: Visit the Integrations Tab in your Settings Page
You can locate settings by clicking the icon in the top-right hand corner

STEP 3: Click "Continue with Facebook"
Connect with Facebook to enable Facebook supported features like Whitelisting

STEP 4: Log in with your Facebook Credentials

Make sure the user connecting has access to the Business Manager and Ad Account(s) you want to use for whitelisting 

STEP 5: Follow the Facebook prompts to confirm your Business Manager, Facebook Page(s) and permissions

STEP 9: Once connected, select a Business Manager and click "Save"
This lets #paid know which Business Manager and Ad Account(s) you will be using whitelisting for

🎉You're all set! Whitelisting creator content is just a few clicks away 🎉 

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