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Please make sure you've already connected with Facebook in #paid
(How do I connect my Facebook Account?)

About Whitelisting

Whitelist creators and send content to your Facebook Ads Manager with a few simple clicks! #paid’s Whitelist feature lets you easily choose the creators and content you want to use for whitelisted ads. Whitelisting gives you the tools you need to get started with your Campaign. From there, take your whitelist campaign to the next level by making edits and updates through Facebook Ads Manager. 🚀

How to whitelist creators and Content in #paid

STEP 1: Log into your #paid Account

STEP 2: Select a Campaign followed by "Whitelisting"
Whitelisting is available for every campaign you run in #paid. Click into each campaign to see what content is available for whitelisting. 

⚠️ Not seeing any content available for whitelisting?
Don't worry—creator content will appear here after you've approved them. Learn more about how to approve content here

STEP 3: Choose the creator and content you want to whitelist
Now for the fun part. Scroll through the page to review content available for whitelisting. You can filter content by clicking on each creator in the left panel. 

When you're ready, select the creator and content you want to whitelist by clicking "Request Access." By Requesting Access, you are letting our team know which creators you would like to associate with your Business Manager. 1 creator = 1 whitelisting license.

Our team will share this creator's Facebook & Instagram page with your Business Manager. From there, please assign yourself to the creator's Facebook page and add the Instagram page to the Ad Account you would like to run ads from. Once you have assigned yourself to the creator's assets, come back to #paid, refresh the page, and click "Send to Ads Manager."

STEP 4: Select an Ad Account and choose your Campaign Objective
If you are whitelisting content for the first time in #paid, you'll want to specify the Ad Account you want to forward content to and as well as choose a Campaign Objective.

⚠️ If you selected the Conversions Objective, you will be prompted to select a pixel and conversion event. Confirm this pixel is associated with the Ad Account selected.

STEP 5: Give your Campaign a name and set the Budget

This campaign will house all of the #paid ad sets and ads. Please do not delete this campaign on Facebook. Deleting this campaign will cause errors when you send content to ads manager again.

You can toggle Campaign budget optimization ON/OFF or Lifetime/Daily. Campaign budget optimization (CBO) makes the most efficient use of your budget spending to get you the overall best results, and ensure that the cost of those results align with your bid strategy.

STEP 6: Give your Ad Set and Ad a name and select the Creator's Facebook Page
Select the Creator's Facebook Page you will be running whitelisted ads through. 

Please note, if you delete the ad set on Facebook, you will no longer be able to send content to this ad set through #paid. Our system will automatically remove the deleted ad sets from the ad set drop down.

Important: When selecting the Facebook page, this should be the page of the creator who created the content you are whitelisting.

STEP 7: Click "Complete" and Send to Ads Manager!

🎉Congratulations! You've successfully whitelisted content  🎉

Now for the finishing touches. Head over to your Facebook Ads Manager to see the Campaign you just created. By default, the campaign is turned off so you can finalize details before launching. 

Important: Within Facebook, you can duplicate content into existing campaigns and update the ad creative. If you are updating the Primary text, make sure you have run any adjustments by the creator via the inbox tool before publishing content.

What if I want to Send the Same Content Again to my Facebook Ads Manager?

We're glad you asked! Click "Sent to Ads Manager" to view all the content you've sent to your Ads Manager. Simply click "Send Again" to re-send any piece of content you've already whitelisted. This is useful for A/B testing and setting up similar ads with different placements.  

Why Can't I change my Campaign Objective after submission?

In order to create a Campaign in Ads Manager, Facebook requires you to set a Campaign Objective. Once an objective is set, Facebook does not allow you to update this information in the Campaign Details Section. 

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