What is a Whitelisted Ad?

Whitelisted ads are a better performing paid-social ads, which leverage the creator's likeness (their @handle) and the content they created for the organic portion of your campaign. 

Consumers see a message from a creator, who they trust—rather than a brand. This is a fundamental shift in the perception of paid social ads. Whitelisted ads can be ran on both Facebook & Instagram through the creator handle. These ads can be placed on newsfeed, explore page, stories & more. 

Also note, whitelisting is different than "boosting" or "promoting". 

Boosting & promoting uses the creator's organic post rather than creating an ad from scratch.

With whitelisting you are able to create a new ad leveraging the creator content that is moved over from #paid using the integration. 

This is better for creators & brands. 

  • Creators organic engagements are not affected by whitelisting.  

  • Brands who whitelist content are able to test multiple iterations of the same ad to further discover and optimize accordingly. 

Here are some examples of whitelisted ads:

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