You may be wondering... Why are IG stories on #paid already marked as approved, even though I haven't viewed the content?

You may notice that IG Stories are marked as approved even though you haven't yet received any content. Don't worry! This is a small nuance with the platform that we're currently working on fixing. With IG Stories, the platform is built with the logic that a creator will upload in the following process: 

  • creator uploads concept (written plan of what each story will include), brand approves concept, creator goes live, creator uploads stories after they are live on their feed

We want to ensure you're able to review the actual files of the story before they go live. So, we need to allow the creator to upload them. 

The only way (right now) our system can support this, is if the "concept" is approved. 

Please ensure to approve content directly with the creator so they know that it's approved.

We really appreciate your patience with this work-around on the platform regarding story approval. 

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