In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to choose the right keywords for your campaign launch

  • The value of keywords when determining your creator profile

  • How to optimize the keywords feature and find the best creators to work with

As of recently, you can now input keywords in the campaign builder while building an ideal creator persona. Once inputted, the #paid algorithm will search our database for creators that have these keywords in their Instagram Bios. Here are some examples of strong bios that tell us a lot about the creator!

Below we'll share with you some best practices you can leverage while thinking about and adding your keywords.

How Does It Work?

During campaign creation, you'll be asked to input some words if you want! You can choose up to 5 keywords.

Wondering why we didn't look for keywords in captions and hashtags? It becomes too broad. We found looking in bios to be much more successful in generating perfect matches! 💏

What Are Creators Putting in Their Bios?

To help jump start your thinking, we have aggregated some common keywords you may want to use:

Beauty, Makeup, & Fashion

✨ Beauty, Beauty Blog, Beauty Blogger, Beauty Salon, Cosmetics, Fashion, Fitness, Fragrance, Hair, Hair Salon, Hair Styles, Hairdresser, Lifestyle, Makeup, Makeup Reviews, Makeup Tips, Massage, Model, Modelling, Nails, Skincare, Spa, Style


✨ Baby, Breastfeeding, Childbirth, Dad, Family, Family Fun, Mom, Nursing, Parents, Pregnant

✨ Accountant, Actor, Actress, Advocate, Baker, Biologist, Blogger, Cardiologist, Chef, Chemist, Chiropractor, Dancer, Dentist, Dermatologist, Doctor, Educator, Entrepreneur, Farmer, Firefighter, Gardener, Golfer, Hairdresser, Handyman, Naturopath, Nurse, Nutritionist, Teacher


✨ Accounting, Arts, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communications, Computer Science, Degree, Economics, Education, Engineering, English, Finance, Food Science, Government, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Physical Science, Psychology, School, Theatre, University


✨ Basketball, Coach, Competition, Dodgeball, Football, Game, Gymnastics, Hike, Hockey, Racing, Riding, Rugby, Running, Skateboard, Skating, Skiing, Soccer, Swimming


✨ Clean Eating, Clean Living, Essential Oils, Fitness, Health, Inspirations, Mindfulness, Motivation, Nutrition, Personal Trainer, Pilates, Therapist, Weight Loss, Yoga

Don't worry about inputting variations of words like Mom, Mother, or Mama, our search tool accounts for similar words.

Think About Context 🤔

In general, context helps us understand what we wouldn't normally be able to comprehend. With keywords, we need to think about the wording or situation surrounding that piece of information that reveals its meaning and relevancy. Here are some examples: 

  1. A baby brand may search for the word "Baby" hoping to find new or pregnant mothers but instead, you might find creators who are talking about themselves, loved ones, or pets! Like this:

Ask yourself "could this word be used in another context that I did not intend for?". With that said, we'll also get a ton of baby focused accounts that you'll love. 👶

If you have any questions about keywords, please reach out to and someone from the team will be happy to help you out. 😁

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