What is a campaign?

A campaign is any project you undertake with a creator. It can be focused on a specific product or service, a specific target market, different content formats, etc. Many brands will undertake similar campaigns time and again, while others will tailor each campaign to something specific to their business such as a promotion, product launch, or marketing push. 

What is campaign spend?

Campaign spend minimum is the required investment for each campaign you run with #paid. This investment is all working dollars for your campaign, and it goes directly to creators for the services decided upon in the campaign set up. This will include content production, posting that content organically on their feeds, and any additional rights and access as part of your plan.

What is a Handraise?

A Handraise is #paid’s way of pairing you with the right creators to work with. As a part of the campaign creation process, we will learn about your goals, your target audience, and other key data points about your campaign. Using that information, #paid’s platform matches you with the right creators and requests feedback on the campaign. If the creator wants to collaborate, we will surface them as a Handraise for you to choose from. 

What is Creator Licensing?

Creator Licensing is the ability to run paid-social ads through a creator’s handle, instead of through your brand’s handle. We have an integration to allow you to run these ads on Facebook or Instagram, all from your Facebook Ads Manager.

What are social rights?

Social rights refers to the access you have to repost content on your own branded social media accounts (brand Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok.).

What are digital rights?

Digital rights refers to the access you have to use creator's content across digital channels, including: paid-social, programatic, website, and email.

What are audience demographics?

#paid has audience information of the creators in our network. We have data about their location, age, gender, diversity, family, and even brand affinities. 

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