In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to chat with creators through the Inbox feature

  • Best practices when communicating with creators

Stage 1: Campaign Launch

- Introduce yourself to creators as they accept. It’s important to start off the relationship on a positive note as this makes for a smooth collaboration process.

- Consistent communication is integral to a productive working relationship. We recommend you respond back to messages within one business day. If you haven’t heard back from a creator within one business day, follow up!

- Mindful communication is necessary to ensure the creators feel comfortable when asking questions. This will allow for the most favourable content creation.

- Shipping Address must be confirmed with creators to ensure it is accurate.

- Setting firm due dates for content creation a few days earlier than needed can help mitigate delays, as creators are human and, as a result, unforeseen events can arise. We recommend giving the creators 3-5 days to create content.

- Be sure to confirm a posting date with creators. Remember to be flexible with posting dates and align on this with creators, as they know when they are likely to achieve their best engagement.

Stage 2: Content Approval

- Review the brief when providing feedback. Keep in mind that the creator agreed to the information included in the brief, so any feedback that falls outside of the brief can cause friction.

- Don’t forget about the campaign hashtags and brand handle. Ensure they’re included in their caption prior to approving it.

- Be mindful that your feedback is going straight to the creator, be direct but remain constructive. You are a team collaborating together to create the best possible content so being mindful in your approach can only help foster a positive relationship. 🔑 Tip: Should you not be happy with their initial content submissions, you can ask if they have any alternative versions that they would be willing to share.

Stage 3: Posts Go Live

- Link in bio/Swipe Up links should be personalized per creator and shared close to their posting date to ensure it is top of mind

🔑 Tip: Use the website to shorten UTM links.

- The partnership tagging tool is a legal requirement for brand collaborations. A post runs the risk of being taken down if it is not used. Remind the creator to send you a request to tag you as their partner and from there you will be able to approve each post. Note: It is possible to remove the approval setting altogether, however this allows anyone to connect their post to your brand without you seeing it first.

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