In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to get started with #paid and become familiar with the platform

  • Important information to consider when launching your first campaign

Before you start collaborating with creators, there are a few features of the #paid platform you'll need to become familiar with.

👯‍♀️ How to invite guests or team members to the platform

You can add Guests or Team Members to any campaign in your dashboard. Guests will only see campaigns that you, or members of your team have invited them to. Team Members will see everything you see and will have the same permissions as you.

⏰ What's a typical campaign timeline?

There are a few factors to consider when setting your campaign timeframe:

  • Do you need to ship out any physical product? Will it be sent priority?

  • Will you be whitelisting creator content, and if so, for how long? (this will impact your "end" date)

  • Are your creator requirements extremely specific in nature or open to an entire vertical?

These factors have the biggest impact on the turnaround of your content. Best practices are to ship with tracking (and signature) when possible, and planning for a few extra days if your creator request is extremely niche.

e.g. Mothers with children under X age in Y location vs. female creators with a family

🔑 : Generally, we recommend launching a campaign at least two weeks in advance of needing content

✏️ Writing a great brief

Don't forget that your brief is the basis for the creator's collaboration contract. It will help you run a smooth and timely campaign. You can go back and edit the brief at any time before clicking "Start Collaborating" in the creator tab.

💻 Ins and outs of #paid

By now you've launched your campaign, invited your team members, and selected your creators. There are a few features of the platform you should be aware of.


As creators accept the collaboration agreement, they'll start to pop up in your Inbox - a chat-style feature that allows for direct communication.

Feedback & Content Approval

When you're ready to leave creator feedback and/or approve a deliverable, you can do this within each piece of content to stay organized. A video tutorial is linked above.

🔑 : Once you approve content, don't forget to align on a posting date! Ask the creator when they see the best engagement. And assign the posting date by following this tutorial.

Commenting vs. Chat

Your Inbox chat acts as a master timeline of all communication with a creator, this includes any system notifications (e.g. new comments, system notifications, etc). We recommend using the chat itself for introductions or any Q&A, while the commenting feature can keep all feedback separate and easy to access.

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