In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to set your creator rates

  • Our recommended rates to consider when setting your creator rates

We often hear from our Creators, "What should I charge for the content I create?" or "Do you have any benchmarks or guidelines?". We wanted to make the process of pricing your content easier for you. We analyzed over 500 working creators in our network to determine a recommended rate based on your follower size.

Organic Instagram Content ✨

A rate for creating content that will be posted on your Instagram feed.

Just Content (Content that you don't post) 📸

A rate for creating content that only the brand will be posting on their own social channels, website, and other digital marketing channels. This fee includes 6 months of non-exclusive, royalty-free Digital Rights (learn more about content rights here).

Please note, these rates are just a recommended ballpark if you don't know what to set. There can be lots of other factors that impact this rate. If you choose to set a rate that falls outside of our recommendation, be sure to let our team know why! This will help our Customer Success team manage customer expectations and get you working on more collaborations.

You can learn more about updating your rates here.

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