In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to upload and submit content for brand approval

  • How to re-upload content for brand approval

  • Where to submit your caption deliverable (if required)

  • How to upload post insights once posts have gone live (Organic Posting campaign)

Congrats on the campaign! 🎉 After you've created content, we ask that you upload the content so the brand can 1) approve the content and 2) share the content on their social channels. After your content has gone live on your Instagram feed, we ask that you upload the post/story Insights. The brand is then able to review the performance of the content. Here is everything you need to know to upload content and insights successfully:

1. After the brand has requested work and the collaboration status has changed from "Work requested - respond now!" to "0 Approved - upload content!", click into the campaign:

2. Within this collaboration, you will see a list of the content deliverables you have been contracted for with a blank image icon. To upload content, click into the deliverable:

3. Upload your content and be sure you are uploading the content type specified on the right-hand side. Uploading a different content type will cause errors when brands try to approve your work!

4. Add a caption for your content in the "Deliverable caption" text box. If you are contracted for a Just Content deliverable (more info here) or the Posting Channel is N/A, you will not be required to add a deliverable caption:

5. If all looks good, go ahead and click "Submit for Approval." If you need to re-upload a different content item, click the grey pen icon on the top right of the content:

6. When you have submitted all of your content for this campaign, the content will be labelled "pending" until the brand has approved your work:

7. When the content has been approved, your post has gone live, and the content has been live for at least 48 hours, upload your post Insight screenshots by clicking into the Post Insights box here:

8. After your Post Insights have been uploaded, the status will change to "pending-approval" until our team has validated your insights:

That's it! You have successfully uploaded content and submitted your Post Insights for approval. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at 👋

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