Here are some errors you might encounter when selecting a Business Manager or Ad Account in settings after connecting with Facebook:

1. You're not an Admin on the Business Manager

You must be an admin of the Facebook Business Manager you are connecting in order to license creators on #paid. You can see if you're an admin by logging into your Facebook Business Manager and clicking the "people tab." Search for your name and see your role in the highlighted section:

If you do not have admin access to the business manager, ask a team member who does have admin access to change your business manager role or have them connect to Facebook instead.

2. Update your Account Permissions

We’ve detected that you do not have the correct permissions for this Ad Account. Please check your Facebook Business Manager and ensure that you have Manage Campaigns access or Manage Ad Account access to this Ad account.

Turn the toggles on/off to update your Ad Account permissions. If you are working on an Ad Account that is owned by another Business, ask them to update the permissions for you if you do not have Manage Campaigns or Manage Ad Account access.

You need access to these permissions for #paid to send content to your Media Library. You'll also need these permissions to create ads in Ads Manager later.

3. Try a different Ad Account

We’ve detected that this Ad Account may be inactive or disabled by Facebook and is not eligible to be used at this time. Please resolve this by checking your account or reaching out to Facebook Customer Support.

To check the status of your Ad Account, login to your Facebook Business Manager and search for your Ad Account. Facebook will automatically let you know if an Ad Account is disabled or inactive.

Your Ad Account must be active in order for #paid to send content to your Media Library. Your Ad Account also must be active in order to create and publish ads in Ads Manager.

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