In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to integrate your Facebook Account with #paid

  • Information needed for you to successfully integrate your FB Account with #paid and be ready for Creator Licensing (previously known as Whitelisting)

Before connecting...

Please make sure you or another team member has access to the following:

Note: For each brand, only one team member is required to connect with Facebook. This is usually the primary Facebook user who will be responsible for creating ads in Ads Manager.

Connecting with Facebook

1. Log into your #paid account

2. Go to Settings (top-right) followed by Integrations

3. Click "Continue with Facebook"

Follow the instructions on-screen to authenticate your Facebook account and authorize the requested permissions.

Note: Please make sure ad blocker extensions are disabled if nothing appears after clicking "Continue with Facebook."

Note: In order to complete the integration and use #paid's Creator Licensing tool, you must agree to all of the requested permissions.

4. Select a Business Manager

Once you've successfully connected with Facebook, select the primary Facebook Business Manager you want to associate with #paid.

Creators will appear as partners under this business manager after you've licensed them through #paid.

Note: You may be unable to select certain Business Managers depending on your role and permissions. Learn more

5. Select an Ad Account

Once you've selected a Business Manager, search for and select the primary Facebook Ad Account want to associate with #paid.

Creator content will appear under this Ad Account's Media Library when using #paid's content upload tool.

Note: You may be unable to select certain Ad Accounts depending on their status. Learn more

6. All Done! ✨

Congrats on completing the Facebook Integration! You're now ready to start licensing creators for Creator Licensed ads.

Note: Once integrated, your connection is shared with other members of your team so anyone can help with uploading content to Facebook and/or licensing creators.

Disconnecting from Facebook

Any team member can disconnect from Facebook by clicking "edit" beside the connected Facebook Account in Integrations.

Important: Disconnecting from Facebook will reset the current integration and remove any creator partnerships you've licensed through the platform from your Business Manager. Only proceed if you are certain about disconnecting!

Once disconnected, all Facebook data from the previously connected user will be erased from the #paid platform.

Re-Authorizing your Facebook Connection

Users may be required to reauthorize their Facebook Account on #paid if 1) they recently changed their Facebook Account password or 2) the Facebook connection has expired.

To reauthorize your Facebook account, click "Continue with Facebook" in Settings > Integrations and follow the instructions provided on-screen.

Important: Only the team member who originally connected with Facebook can reauthorize their Facebook Account. If you're unable to get the original team member to re-connect with Facebook, please contact the #paid team for support.

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