In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to troubleshoot your Facebook and Instagram connection errors

  • Next steps on if the error still persists

For creators who are experiencing issues with connecting their Facebook and Instagram account(s) on #paid, please review the steps below to help with troubleshooting.

If the issue still persists after following the troubleshooting recommendations, please contact for additional help!

1. Connecting with Facebook Overview

If you're not sure how or where to connect with Facebook in #paid, watch the video below for a quick overview. Step by step instructions are also available in this article 👈

2. I've already connected with Facebook but it still says that I can't opt-in!

Within your opt-in request you might see a required prompt that says you need to connect with Instagram and Facebook before opting in:

To confirm this, please visit your account settings (top-right) > Social Accounts and Rates > scroll down to the Instagram & Facebook section.

You'll know that you're connected if you see information about your saved Business Manager, Facebook Page, and Instagram handle. However, if you're seeing "Continue with Facebook," you'll need to click the button to reconnect with Facebook.

Important: After you click "Continue with Facebook" and log in, you'll be asked to select your Business Manager, Facebook Page, and Instagram account. Click the "Save" button to save your Instagram and Facebook profiles (see video tutorial).

Once this is done, refresh your page to confirm that your Business Manager, Facebook Page, and Instagram handle are saved and displayed in settings.

3. It says I need to connect a Facebook Page when trying to opt-in for campaigns

There was a recent platform update that asks creators to connect a Facebook Page before accepting opt-ins. If you've connected with Facebook previously on #paid, you'll notice a prompt in both the Opt-in and Settings view that asks you to reconnect with Facebook.

In the opt-in view, there'll be a prompt to reconnect in settings:

In the settings view, there'll be a prompt to disconnect and reconnect with Facebook in order to select a Facebook page:

Once this is done, you'll be able to opt-in to campaign requests without needing to connect again. For context, Facebook is encouraging creators to associate a Facebook Page with their Business/Creator Instagram account which is why we've added the step.

4. Nothing happens when I click "Continue with Facebook"

Please make sure ad blocker extensions are disabled from your web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) if nothing appears after clicking “Continue with Facebook.” These extensions may sometimes interfere with Facebook's popup window.

If the issue persists without any ad blockers enabled, please contact for additional troubleshooting.

5. Can I disconnect from Facebook while I am working on a campaign?

Yes—If you are currently working on a campaign but need to disconnect and reconnect with Facebook in order to opt-in for other opportunities on #paid, it is OK for you to disconnect.

In this scenario, you can go ahead and click "Disconnect Facebook Account" since you will be quickly reconnecting afterward.

If you're still experiencing issues with connecting, please reach out to us at and we can assist.

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