Before we start, let's cover some #paid creator marketing terminology.

Organic Posting: A campaign strategy where you, the creator, post content on your Instagram Feed or Story for your audience.

Whitelisting (paid Facebook & Instagram ads): A campaign strategy where a brand will request access to your Instagram handle and Facebook page to run ads from, leveraging the content you have created for them! Note, the brand is not boosting the content you have posted but creating an ad from scratch with the content you have made. You can learn more about whitelisting here.

At times, you could be working on a campaign that requires Organic Posting, Whitelisting, or both! If a brand contracts you for an Instagram Story and wants to put money behind that Story on Facebook & Instagram as an ad, Facebook has a few rules in place. To run successfully, the story file cannot include hashtags, @mention any account as text, use stickers, GIFs, music, emojis, or polling stickers. Check out an example here:

If your campaign contains Organic posting and Whitelisting, we encourage you to upload the version you would post on your Instagram and share the raw files (no hashtags, @mention any account as text, use stickers, GIFs, music, emojis, or polling stickers) as additional segments in the content upload tool.

If your campaign is only Organic posting, you do not have to worry about sharing the raw files. If your campaign is only Whitelisting, please only share raw Story files with the brand to avoid future errors on Facebook.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact 😊

Happy creating! 🎉

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