In this lesson you will learn:

  • What to do if Facebook has restricted your Facebook Page

  • What to note when this happens and how to fix it

Recently Facebook has been restricting advertiser access across Facebook accounts, Pages, and Business Managers. If your Facebook account, Page, or Business Manager is restricted from advertising, you'll receive a notification when you try to take an action, such as creating an ad or updating your business settings. On your Facebook Page, the error will look like this:

Facebook will let you know that "This Page isn't allowed to advertise. This is because the Page didn't comply with one or more of our Advertising Policies or other standards, such as by having too many ads rejected, attempting to circumvent our ad review process, participating in fraudulent behavior or associating with untrustworthy accounts." You can learn more about specific reasons here but between you and I, over the years we've seen Facebook disable accounts or restrict advertising access with no good reason 😭.

To check the advertising status of all of your accounts and find details about what you can do to update the account, navigate to Account Quality in Facebook.

Option 1: Click "Request Review" on the right side of the screen:

Continue through the review steps, Facebook may require you to verify your identity by uploading an ID to continue. If this is the case, you will not be able to proceed with the review until Facebook has approved your ID:

Once you have completed the review process, Facebook will notify about next steps but keep an eye on the Account Quality page for updates. In most cases, Facebook will grant you advertising access if you are following the restrictions highlighted above.

Option 2: Create a new Facebook Page here. When naming the page, we recommend using your name/Instagram handle, add a category, description, and click "Create Page" on the bottom right:

When the page has been created, head into Pages and click Settings to connect your Instagram account:

Click Instagram ➡️ Connect Instagram to associate the new page with your existing Instagram account:

Then jump into your Facebook Business Manager here and select Add ➡️ Add a Page:

Search for your Facebook page by Name and click "Add Page":

Voila! Your page is now connected to your Business Manager and Instagram Account. You are eligible to continue Whitelisting on #paid.

Please let us know if you any questions, Facebook can be a complicated beast and we are here to help! 🎉 🐶

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