With a strong summary, you're able to provide insight into your campaign objectives and ideas to your target audience in a clear, concise yet interesting way. Remember that this summary is the first insight into your brand that a creator has so it is important to convey your goals in such a way that generates interest from the right creators. Consider the following points when brainstorming what you want to say:

  • Make your campaign name exciting! Creators in our network are more likely to respond with campaign names that are fun and enticing! (Be sure to include your brand name though!)

  • Tell creators who you are and what your story is! What do they need to know about your brand to get them excited to raise their hand and participate?

  • At a high level, set expectations for your campaign. What do you want the content to look like? What are you looking for from creators? Should they be telling a story? Shooting only the product? Be at a certain location or setting?

  • Get them excited! Be friendly and authentic to who your brand is!


Hot tip: Got a promo video? Share this! Or include links to your brand’s site or IG account! Give creators a visual reference to what they’re applying to!

Here is an example of a really strong campaign summary:

BRAND A is the 3D Laser Printer that brings your ideas to life in minutes. It’s science, but it feels like magic.

Check out @IGHANDLE to see what’s possible.

With BRAND A on your desk, you can create products you love using wood, leather, fabric, glass, metal, chocolate - yes, we said chocolate - and so, so much more. With the touch of a button, your designs turn into finished products - and your ideas turn into reality.

Examples of easy-to-make BRAND A prints that audiences love:

- leather wallets

- custom jewelry

- personalized gifts

- party and wedding decor

- home decor

- costumes ready for Comic-Con

- musical instruments

We’re looking for talented creators to make magical things with BRAND A that will blow audiences away! The thing is, lasers are cool. So between your creativity and BRAND A's technology, that’ll be a breeze.

We have a hunch you are quite the creative guru. Maybe you’re a DIYer who’s renovating your next big thing, a lifelong crafter who’s ready to uplevel, or a tool head who’s always looking to discover the next big thing. If you already love creating things – and your audience already loves what you create – you’ll love BRAND A.

**Raise your hand if you know exactly what your first BRAND A project would be. We can’t wait to hear what you want to make first! Please include this within your hand-raise message to us and if possible, please include 1-2 concepts for content ideas so that we can make sure that you are the right fit for us.**

For a strong reference of the sort of projects, we would like to see from you make sure to check out @IGHANDLE. If that's up your ally, we would love to hear from you!

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