In this lesson you will learn:

  • What is a creator brief

  • How to find your creator brief for your brand collaboration

  • Why it's important to read and reference the brief when collaborating with brands

Congratulations on being chosen for a collaboration! You may have some initial questions about what your content should look like for the brand you’re collaborating with. Good news is that all of these details can be found in the Creator Brief!

What is the Creator Brief and Why is it Important?

The Creator Brief is important because it houses all of the information needed to successfully create content and acts as the binding contract between you and the brand. It contains important details such as what your content should look like, how you should feature the product, what your content should not include, and caption directions. Make sure to follow it closely so it reduces your need for re-shoots, campaign delays, etc!

How to find the Creator Brief

Before accepting the collaboration request: it automatically shows on the left-hand side of the page, shown above.

After accepting the collaboration request: you can reference the Creator Brief at any time outlined above.

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