In this lesson you will learn:

  • Sending creator content from #paid to Facebook

  • Finding content in your Facebook Media Library

Before starting...

Please make sure your account is connected to Facebook and you have a Facebook Business Manager and Ad account associated with #paid.

#paid uses this connection to send content from #paid to your Facebook Ad Account media library for creator licensed ads. How do I connect with Facebook?

Video Overview

Where do I send content to Facebook?

Click the Creator Licensing tab at the top of your account. You'll see two additional tabs in this view: Creators and Licenses. In this article, we'll focus on the Creators view.

What is the Creators view?

The Creators view shows a list of all approved and live creator content that is available for creator licensing. Brands can review and choose which content they want to upload directly to their Facebook Media Library instead of downloading and uploading them manually when building ads in Ads Manager. What is creator licensing?

By default, creators are sorted to the top based on the most recently approved content. Click on a creator to see all the content they've created for you from current and past campaigns. Additional information about the creator and their content is displayed to help you build your ads later in Ads Manager.

How do I send Content to Facebook?

1. Click "Send to Facebook" for the content you want to use in your creator licensed ad

#paid takes care of the rest and begins uploading the content to your Facebook Media Library.

2. That's it! ✅

Content is uploaded to the Ad Account you selected earlier when connecting with Facebook. Clicking "Facebook Media Library" will take you to your Ad Account Library in Business Manager so you can review the uploaded content.

Where can I find the creator's content on Facebook?

1. Use the file name from #paid to find the creator's content on Facebook

Once you've sent content from #paid to Facebook, each file (photo/video) will have its own unique file name that you can search by:

2. Find uploaded files in Facebook Media Library

Click the "All tools" icon in your Business Manager followed by Media Library.

Within the Ad Account Media Library view, copy and paste the file name to find the uploaded photo or video:

3. Find uploaded files when adding media in Ads Manager

When building ads, click "Add Media" > Add Image or Add Video. All media uploaded from #paid will appear under "Account Images" or "Account Videos."

In the select media view, copy and paste the file name to find the uploaded photo or video:

Pro-tip: For multi-file deliverables like Instagram Stories and Carousels, an order number is included at the end of each file name to help easily identify which files should be added first when creating ads:

You can also search for uploaded files by the creator's Instagram handle or content ID:

Don't forget to use the copy-to-clipboard feature on #paid to quickly find the creator's identity and paste the creator's caption in your ad! 📎

I don't see the content on Facebook

Larger media files (over 500MB) may take up to 5 minutes to upload to your Facebook Media. If you still don't see the content in your Media Library after 5 minutes or notice missing images and videos, please contact [email protected] for support.

Licensing creators on #paid

Creator licensed ads must be created using the creator’s content and identity. The platform will automatically prompt you to license the creator first (if not licensed) before sending their content to Facebook. This lets you run ads using their Facebook page and Instagram handle. Learn more

Once the creator is licensed, you'll be able to send their content to Facebook. ✅

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