In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to avoid creators posting without approval

  • What to do in case of creator posting without approval

How to avoid creators posting without approval

  1. Ensure that you 'Approve' the content within #paid if you are happy with the content.

  2. Ensure that you set a 'Posting Date' if it needs to be posted.

What to do if a creator posts without approval?

To reiterate, creators are not allowed to post without approval, as it is noted when accepting the collaboration request. If they do jump ahead or genuinely forget to wait for the approval you can:

  1. Ask to quickly take it down and repost at the date selected.

  2. Reiterate that it should be posted by the 'Posting Date' not 'Approval Date'

  3. Ensure that there is a posting date set!

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