In this article, you will learn:

  • How to ask a creator for comment moderation access

  • What to relay to the creator during your collaboration

For any campaigns on #paid, comment moderation is not required by the creator to turn on unless requested by the brand. If you find that it would be best to answer the comments on behalf of the creator, and would like comment moderation access you can do the following:

  1. Ask the creator in the collaboration chatbox! If it will help them as well, creators are willing to provide that access for you. Use the following to approach this topic with the creators you are working with:
    "Hi, there! As we have begun Creator Licensing, we noticed that it would be best to moderate the comments on your behalf to remove negative comments and to answer incoming inquiries. To allow us to moderate comments on your behalf, simply turn on comment moderation access within your Facebook Business Manager. Thank you!"

  2. Give context as to why you need the comment moderation access. Because this is not a requirement for the Creator Licensing, they may be less reluctant to provide it.

  3. If they simply refuse, ask the creator to tag the brand’s Facebook or Instagram page so that your team can be notified.

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