In this article, you will learn:

  • How to establish a relationship with a creator that you'd like to work with again

  • Benefits of working with the same creators

How to establish a relationship with a creator for future collaboration

Let’s say you are about to launch a new campaign and would like the creators you worked with before to take part. To express interest:

  1. Simply ask! After you wrapped up your collaboration simply express interest that you would like to work with them again.
    Working with these creators again has many benefits such as: already having a strong understanding of your brand, established brand presence within their audience, authentic content and creates authenticity amongst the creator's audience, and familiarity of the type of content needed to deliver.

  2. Notify your Customer Success Manager that you would like to request certain creators to be on your new campaign.

Do keep in mind that sometimes if it was not the best fit for the creator, unfortunately, they will not be willing to work on your new campaign.

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