In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to provide content feedback for revision

  • Things to consider when framing your content feedback

You've received a piece of content from a creator you're collaborating with and notice there are certain elements from the brief missing in their submission. Asking for revisions/reshoots can be challenging but the right positioning can help creators pivot in the right direction.

To make sure feedback is delivered in a constructive and helpful way, get specific with it. You should always aim to hit these 4 points when requesting revisions or reshoots:

1) Start off with calling out what you like about the current piece of content

2)Tie your feedback back to points and requirements outlined within your brief that you feel are currently missing from the content submitted

3)Share 2-3 pieces of content from the creators Instagram feed that fall more in line with your expectations

4)Make sure to let know you would like a revision or a reshoot

Here's a framework for you to follow:

"We appreciate you explaining the features of the product in this video, however, we were expecting the video to come out looking and feeling a bit more authentic and engaging, showing the product in use within your day-to-day life. Can you please reshoot the video taking the following requirements from the brief into consideration?:

-Focus on the functionality of the product and showcasing the way in which it simplifies an issue for you **(What this means to us is actually showing the product in action. Do you use the product when driving? when reading? etc Don't just talk about it, show us**)

-**Choose the function that is most useful to you in your life and roll with it vs. mentioning all the ways it can be used (We don't want you to just speak to everything it does but instead, want to see how YOU use it**)

Before deciding to work with you, we took a look at your previous video/reel content on your Instagram and we really loved it! Our expectations in this partnership fall's more in line with the following content quality that we saw from you:




(Include 3 IG URL links to videos/photos you like from the creator)

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