In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to enable branded content on your TikTok post

  • How to add a TikTok Creator Marketplace campaign to your TikTok post

  • Checking your TikTok Review Status on #paid

Posting to TikTok Checklist ✅

Please make to complete all three required steps below when posting your TikTok video:

  1. Upload your approved content and caption on TikTok

  2. Enable branded content for your TikTok post

  3. Add a TCM campaign to your TikTok post

1. Upload your approved content and caption on TikTok

You'll be notified via email when the brand has approved your content for TikTok on #paid. Next, upload your video and caption to TikTok in a new post. Please make sure your video and caption on TikTok match exactly what's been approved on #paid.

Note: If you previously saved your TikTok post as a draft, you won't need to create a new post and can skip to Step 2!

2. Turn on Branded Content for your TikTok Post

Within your TikTok post, click on "Branded Content" and turn on the Branded Content toggle. Turning on branded content is required and will automatically add the hashtag "#ad" to your caption letting viewers know your post is sponsored.

Required: Branded content must be turned on before your TikTok video is posted. You won't be able to turn on branded content afterward.

3. Add a TikTok Creator Marketplace Campaign to your TikTok Post

Once Branded Content is enabled, click on Link Campaign, search for, and add the TCM campaign provided by #paid. This is how #paid will keep track of your TikTok post and its performance results once it's posted.

Required: The TCM campaign must be added before your TikTok video is posted. You won't be able to add the TCM campaign afterward.

Not sure which TCM campaign to select? The TikTok Creator Marketplace campaign name is provided on #paid in the content view:

4. Post your video on TikTok!

Once you've turned on branded content and added a TCM campaign, your video is ready to go live!

Important: Make sure your TikTok post goes live based on the posting date assigned by the brand.

5. Check the TikTok Review status on #paid

Once your video is posted to TikTok, make your way back to #paid and click on the Content item you just posted for. Within the content view, click "Check Review Status."

We'll do a quick check to see if the video has been reviewed and approved by TikTok. TikTok reviews every video uploaded to make sure they adhere to TikTok's community guidelines.

You're done! 🎉 Once your content is marked as TikTok Approved on #paid, it will soon be queued for payment 💸

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