In this lesson you will learn:

  • What you should include in the 'creator content' section in your campaign brief for unboxing videos

  • Our tips to share with creators for unboxing video campaigns

Below are our tips to consider adding to your 'Creator Content' section of your Campaign Brief.

👉 Start here:

  • Have a good setup, we recommend using a tripod and having both hands free. No one likes an unboxing video where the struggle to open the box is dragged out.

  • Remember, this is still an ad! So ensure to have a strong intro, share the important info, and close with a Call to Action!

  • Clearly showcase the experience, packaging & products.

  • Speak slowly and clearly & use good lighting.

  • Have fun with it! 🤘

🔥 Tips:

  • Start the video with excitement and personal sentiment! “As you guys know, I’m mid-way through my fitness journey and BRAND just came out with the perfect products to get me through this month”

  • Show off the packaging and box before you open it! Build hype and anticipation.

  • Reference the quality of the packaging and unboxing experience

  • Share your personal relation to the products as you go, tell the audience why you love them or why you’re so excited to try them!

  • Wrap up by telling the audience where to buy their own, or share your discount code / CTA.

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