Step 1: Enable Your App For Ad Partnerships [one-time step]

Update your Ad settings to allow your videos to be used as ads. (Don't worry, even after this step, you will still have full control over which partners have permission to use which videos.)

  1. Update your app to make sure you have the latest version.

  2. Go to your Profile screen.

  3. Click the three lines in the upper right corner.

  4. Open the “Creator tools” menu.

  5. Turn the “Ad settings” toggle to ON.

Step 2: Create and Share Your Private Video Code(s)

1. Open the sponsored video you wish to authorize within your TikTok library.

2. Click the ‘share’ button on the video.

3. Click the “Ad settings” button on the bottom row of the sharing options

4. Toggle on the button at the top of the screen that reads, “Allow advertisers to promote this video.”


Next, tap Generate Code, then select a period to authorize a post for use by third-party advertisers. Choose 60 days.

Then, tap Copy Code to share the code through #paid's Inbox/chat.


🏁 You did it! Thanks!


  1. Advertisers cannot edit a post's caption after it has been authorized as an ad.

  2. TikTok ads will promote your content with new audiences that you may not have been discovered by yet! Prepare for some new followers and growth! 🎊

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