In this lesson you will learn:

  • Our tips on creative brief writing specific to giveaway and contest campaigns

  • What you should include in your 'post caption' section of the campaign brief

Launching your campaign

When launching your campaign, make sure you indicate it will include a giveaway. This way creators will be aware upfront before they raise their hand. You can add this to the “Campaign Summary” section.

Later in your Brief, you can get as detailed as you want around how you want creators to post about the giveaway.

We recommend using in-feed posts to host the giveaway so all of the rules and information can live in the caption, and it won’t expire like an IG story.

Campaign Brief

When completing your campaign brief, we recommend you provide more information about the giveaway in the "Creator Content" section.

Below is some information to consider sharing with the creator:

  • Giveaway duration

  • The product creator will receive to shoot for the giveaway

  • The product winner will receive from the giveaway

Post Captions

What creators should include in the post caption for a giveaway:

  • Use the correct name for your giveaway posts (make sure creators don’t call it a contest or sweepstakes).

  • If your goal is to drive followers, make that a part of how to enter the contest! (ie. “you must be following @hashtagpaid to enter”)

  • Make sure to write specific and clear rules on how to enter.

  • Add a “no purchase necessary”

  • Include the start and end date for the giveaway. (We recommend 5-10 days).

  • Have creators state that Instagram is not associated with your Instagram giveaway

  • Include participation restrictions/nuances if you have any (example “this is open to US residents only” or “3 winners will be chosen” etc.)

  • Include how many times a participant can enter.

  • Tell people how the prize will be given

  • Tell people when and how the winner will be announced & contacted

Here's an example:

Best of luck! 🎊

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