In this lesson you will learn:

  • What you should include in your 'Creator Content' section in your campaign brief for video focus campaigns

  • Our tips to share with creators when contracting video content

Below are our tips to consider adding to your 'Creator Content' section of your Campaign Brief.

Video Content

  • Share any key product messages you want the creator to consider or mention in their video

  • Share video concepts you're thinking of for this video campaign. Below are some examples to consider

    • UGC style content

    • Product testimonial/review video

    • Tik Tok/Reels style content

  • Share video examples as visual pointers for creators

    • Include the link so creators can view videos

  • Include ideal video length

    • Keep in mind, if you plan to Creator License this content, make sure the video is optimal for your paid ad efforts)

  • Include required video dimensions

    • You can request multiple video dimensions if you're planning to use the content for different advertising placements

    • Please specify what dimensions you need. E.g. 16:9, 5:4, etc.

  • Do you require the creator to speak in front of the camera?

    • If so, specify this in the brief

  • Do you need music with the video?

    • If so, make sure you have rights to the music

    • You can request the creator to share 2 versions of the video. One with music and one without

  • Do you need subtitles on the video?

Other things to consider

Once you've chosen the creators you'd like to work with. We recommend that you align with each creator on their video creative concept through 'Inbox'

Ask them what ideas they have and make sure you're aligned with them before they start shooting their video content. You can also ask the creator to share with you their video script to make sure you're happy with their messaging.

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