We want to set you and the brand up for success, so here is a helpful breakdown of what the typical process looks like for your campaigns!

Briefs, Concepts, and Ideas

  1. Review the Creator Brief by scrolling down once you have been contracted. In there, you'll be able to review what the brand is expecting from you, the type of content that should be created, and any key talking points. The creator brief will also include the rights within the collaboration.

  2. Make sure to click Accept to begin your collaboration! After you accept, you'll be able to speak directly with the brand.

  3. Speak with the brand and bring up ideas that you may have! It is important that you discuss all of this before creating content so that the brand can approve any concepts.

  4. Find your Approval Due Date, which is when the brand is expecting your content to be submitted for review. If the date does not work for you, please reach out to the brand for a due date extension while being mindful of the timelines.

Getting Content Prepared for Approval

  1. Create your content in the correct format and upload your content into the appropriate Task section (Ex. #1 - Photograph, #2 -Carousel) with the caption that you plan on adding to your post.

  2. Hit Submit For Approval on the top right-hand side in the task section. Please ensure you hit submit or the brand will be unable to see your content for review.

  3. Your content will now appear as Pending, which means it's now up to the brand to provide any pointers, edits, and approve your content. They will provide you with feedback, and if necessary you will have to re-upload new content.

Post Approved

  1. When your task has changed from Pending to Approved, then you know that you're ready to go live on your page! Make sure you follow the Posting Due Date that the brand has provided.

  2. A reminder to never post without a brand's approval. This helps us avoid things like needing to re-post, spelling mistakes, and more!

  3. If the brand hasn’t replied back by the Posting Due Date, you can e-mail us and we will nudge the brand to take a look! As part of your Creator Terms, it is important that you do not post anything without the brand's direct approval.

⚠️ Please note: If you have a Just Content campaign, it will not have to be posted to your feed and so you will not have to upload post insights for it as well.

⚠️ Please note: If you have a TikTok campaign, only post when the content has been approved by the brand. You must turn on the branded content toggle and add the TikTok Creator Marketplace campaign number (found in the e-mail sent to you when the brand approves) to your video upon posting to your TikTok and wait for TikTok approval.

Post Insights

  1. Your content has been live and it's now time to collect the post insights. Head to the Post Insights section of your collaboration and upload the appropriate insights for your content. If you are unsure how to see insights for your post, you can follow this article.

  2. The moment you upload your insights and it gets approved, then you'll be able to get #paid.

Responses are expected within 48 hours or less, and if you don’t adhere you risk being dropped from this collaboration! If you need more time on anything, please reach out to the brand representative and let them know.

Please note that if you submit content past the approval date set (unless otherwise discussed with the brand), and/or do not meet the expectations and specifics set out in the campaign brief, you are subject to an impartial payout.

If you have more questions, you can refer to our Creator Help Center or reach out directly at help@hashtagpaid.com!

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