Reels have become one of the primary content types creators are contracted for as they can generate significant reach for brands.

One thing to note when considering the use of Reels in your campaign is that the #paid Organic Results Dashboard does not include results from Reels. The reason for this is we use Instagram's API to retrieve all post performance data for our Organic Results Dashboard and the Instagram API currently does not support Reels. #paid's Organic Results Dashboard supports all other content formats, including: photos/carousels, stories, and in-feed videos.

Have no fear, #paid is a Facebook partner and will be one of the first to get access to Reels performance data via the API when they release it. This is actively being worked on and will be supported as soon as it is available.

For the time being, Reels can still be included in your #paid campaigns, as you are still able to contract creators to create Reels content, review + approve on the platform, and access the content in your content library.

To access Reels results in the short term, you can proceed with contracting creators for Reels and request the creator to send you a screenshot of post performance through the inbox feature on the #paid platform. If you’re working with a PSM, you can request they send you the screenshots on behalf of the creator.

Alternatively, you can contract creators for in-feed videos so that you can both review and approve the videos as well as see their results in the Organic Results Dashboard.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to

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